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The Roadmap
Concrete Action for an Age of Wisdom

       The current focus is on fixing individual issues such as poverty, gender inequality, climate change, etc. All important problems - however, we believe that they will not be truly solved without a deep paradigm and culture shift within each of us ("inner transformation") and conscious action and collaboration for impact and redesign of our systems ("systemic change")  - as it takes both, inner work as well as a critical mass of people coming together to challenge our current system design and implement alternatives that from their core foster the wellbeing of people and planet.

      We have hence brainstormed, analyzed, and discussed to identify 8 leverage points that we see as key actions, as a  Roadmap towards an Age of Wisdom  

         We invite you to discuss these points in our Wisdom Chamber on Linkedin. The Charter and Roadmap serve us as our framework to develop our offering and choose projects we work with and is meant to be converted from sentences into action, from a written roadmap to a lived reality - one that is co-created with you for the wellbeing of people and the planet

The Age of Wisdom emerges from the here & now.
Through everyone of us.

A Roadmap to an Age of Wisdom

Paradigm & Culture Shift
Inner Transformation



We embrace that we are one, that everything is connected and only together, we can make the shift a lived reality.

We come together locally, build a community of unity and sense into the knowing - we are many. Together, we are strong. Together, we have power. In unity with ourselves and others, the shift is now. 

We acknowledge and learn from ancient wisdom traditions. And practice applying this timeless wisdom in our daily decisions, habits and actions.

So that we may all survive and thrive. By becoming wise stewards of this planet, true guardians of life.





We take up a holistic perspective and learn to think, decide and act in systems.

By bringing together ancient, indigenous and scientific knowledge, we open our minds for a new kind of thinking, we shift perspective, go beyond CO2 and climate emergency and embrace the systemic nature of the world. 

We are the change, and explore a new lifestyle of “elegant simplicity”.

We learn from ancient wisdom, reconnect to what we truly need, find joy from within, heal the past and walk the talk of a new culture.

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Conscious Action & Collaboration
Systemic Change



We redesign our outdated systems. To serve the wellbeing of all life.

Our current financial system is divisive, extractive and rather hinders than incentivises peace, equality and a life within our planetary boundaries. We dare to question and explore a wise redesign of this economic system, and of other essential systems such as education, agriculture, health, justice, pensions and governance.

We invest for impact. Time and money. With a holistic, catalytic lens, for an Age of Wisdom. 

We invest our time to identify system changing initiatives (Wisdom Lab) and holistically thought through impact startups (Wisdom Pioneers) - that seek support from deep impact minded investors and philanthropists.

Mountainous Landscape by the Sea


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We join hands with wisdom keepers, ask their advice for our projects and give our support for theirs.      

Together, we co-create an Age of Wisdom. Locally, step by step, and learning from each other. Ancient wisdom as a base for all we do. Our expertise in service for bioregional development, conservation and nature aligned communities. 

We open our hearts & minds to work together like nature does, based on our collective wisdom

We facilitate the "Trinity Wisdom Journey" for new projects to flourish. For individuals, startups and organisations seeking common ground and an organic cycle of co-creation and growth, from the inside out.


"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."

- Einstein -


It starts with an inner paradigm & culture shift and shows up in aligned, joint action for impact
and systemic change.

We consciously evolve, for the wellbeing of people & planet



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