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  • Pioneers | Wisdom Age Foundation

    WISDOM PIONEERS Entrepreneurs manifesting the shift Pathfinders to an Age of Wisdom There are always people ahead of their times , not swimming along in the main river of tradition or trends but going deeper and beyond what is considered the norm. They are the path finders that ease the way for others; extraordinary minds that dare to follow their hearts , do not mind taking risks, are called utopians and unrealistic. Until they find a way to prove their point, to manifest what earlier only existed in their minds and what they were called to do. The world developed due to such pioneers . Of these we now need a specific type: Wise ones. These wisdom pioneers create from the inside out, hold a holistic view and apply system thinking. They do not scare away from exploring the inner and outer realms of what is possible and show extraordinary creativity, resilience and capability in communicating and cooperating with their immediate and wider ecosystem to realise their vision. They do this with the greater good in mind and through this establish a platform for the Age of Wisdom to emerge. Their wisdom and conscious action are the seeds we need as a species to flourish . EVOLVING

  • Salons | Wisdom Age Foundation

    WISDOM SALONS Wisdom Salons is a format in which we explore through conversations, deep listening circles and inquiry exercises what it means and what it takes to live a life of wisdom. How do we build a wise society based on an economic system there to protect all life? What are the blind spots to look at, the interest and fears behind unhealthy patterns - in our personal lives and current culture and systems. And how do we unlock our inner knowing, and make it and and the timeless wisdom of nature applicable for a flourishing life on this planet? Photo made at the Co-Creation Loft in Berlin PAST SALON Satish Kumar is a former Jain monk and most known for being an activist and inspiring speaker. He is the editor emeritus of the "Resurgence & Ecologist" magazine and has founded the renowned Schumacher College in South Devon, UK. ​ We will spend an evening with him, conversing about wisdom and exploring the art of living a life full of "elegant simplicity". When: 06.06.2023, 18.30h - 20.30h, with open end networking afterwards Where: Co-Creation Loft Gabrielle Garcia Gabrielle Garcia is a shaman from Chihuahua , Mexico. She is a descendant of the Comanches - the indigenous people of North America. Gabrielle is a medicine woman who works with various ancient techniques; plant and animal medicine, shamanic knife, fire, and energy. She has led women's circles, cacao ceremonies, ancestral healing sessions, and circles of rapé (tobacco used in indigenous ceremonies) for many years and has received a call to bring her medicine to Europe this year. ​ We will spend an evening with her to explore wisdom from an indigenous women's perspective and share a cacao ceremony with Gabrielle. UPCOMING SALON

  • Team | Wisdom Age Foundation

    We are the core of GIA Dana Ulrike Glatz Vision & Partnership Dana is the Founder of Global Impact Alliance and a weaver of strong partnerships and ecosystems; a bridge between worlds: the investment & spiritual world, management consulting & indigenous wisdom, entrepreneurship & transformation, the world of business & conscious communities. As Advisor and Path Finder in the field of impact investing and transformation, she works with impact investors, corporates, and impact entrepreneurs to facilitate the emergence of an Age of Wisdom. ​ ​ Diego Romeiro Strategy & Science Diego is an agricultural technician and biologist with M.Sc. in Plant Biodiversity and Environment have more than 20 years of experience in forest studies, sustainability, biotechnology, and innovation development focused on circular bio-economy and ecological awareness. Diego has a differentiated holistic view of sustainability, and through systemic thinking integrates different areas related to the study of life - such as systems biology, ecological network, and "omics" sciences. Camilla Moura Santos Research & Ancestral Knowledge Camila is a biologist with an M.Sc. in Plant Biodiversity and Environment and Ph.D. in Plant Biotechnology with a research line in properties of complex molecules. She has more than 10 years of experience with scientific research development and systemic thinking. Adept at ancestral knowledge and Ayurveda medicine she uses a holistic approach to develop her work in sustainability and people's well-being. Zaenab Hage Project management Zaenab has evolved as a policy analyst in the field of sustainability and social impacts among different consultancies and advisories. She also has previous experience in the private sector in strategic counselling which gives her a good understanding of the needs for multi stakeholder collaboration to solve the main challenges faced by humanity. She is passionate about nature and wants to dedicate all her time and energy to protect the ecosystems that sustain humankind and wishes to bring forward a change of mindset in the world. We support GIA as experts Flora Tram Hodac Transformation Pascal Tsachouridis Marketing Tamas Pocze Finance Andrea Friedrich Leadership Martina Epple Communication We thank these organisations for their support

  • Contact | Wisdom Age Foundation

    Let's Connect Contact The Age of Wisdom needs inner transformation & aligned action. Let's do it together. Address Co-Creation Loft Schinkestrasse 9 12047 Berlin Germany Email More about the Loft Social Media First Name Last Name Email Message Send Thanks for submitting! I look forward to co-creating an "Age of Wisdom" with you

  • Quest | Wisdom Age Foundation

    WISDOM QUEST ON A QUEST FOR WISDOM The world we know is changing quicker than we can grasp it. Challenges everywhere. Ecological collapse. Economic turmoil. Mistrust, societal divide and instability. A widening disparity of wealth and power. Technologies transforming our lives, able to cause great harm - if in the wrong hands. ​ It is hard to stay calm watching all this unfold at an unprecedented speed. The urge is to sprint into action and do something about it. And yes, concrete action is needed. However, not anything will do but the right moves need to be made - this is a strategically important time for the future of our species, and time as well as making steps into the right direction are of the essence. Identifying the root causes of the ailments is key, seeing very clear despite all fog and distractions and acting in unity will be decisive for the next era on this planet. ​ This is a time to be wise. And an opportunity for us to shift into an Age of Wisdom in which we use the assets we have - our time, brain, technology and capital - wisely and in unity for the wellbeing of people and planet. With this, we’d truly live up to our potential as "Homo sapiens ”, wise beings. ​ So what is wisdom? How do we acquire wisdom? What is a wise way to live, to think, to take decisions, to lead, to relate with each other and nature? ​ We have decided to look for answers to these questions this year by visiting Elders from various Wisdom Traditions. As We believe that there is deep wisdom in what survived the trends and storms of time. The Quest (2) Background Thank you & request for support (2) The Quest (2) 1/23 Switzerland I had so many in-depths conversations this time in #davos - it was intriguing. Probably due to me starting most conversations with contemplations & questions around #wisdom. Why? Because I believe that wisdom is a quality that truly makes us "Homo sapiens" - wise beings, a quality worth putting a greater focus on - as it might be the one quality crucial for us to evolve as a species in a way that provides a beautiful quality of life for everyone and in harmony with our inner and outer #nature. I think it's time to evolve beyond knowledge - especially of interest in times of #ai, one of the top themes during the #wef23 week. So what is wisdom? Here is the synthesis of my thoughts and input I got from a diverse range of people - such as business people, AI experts, impact investors, biodiversity specialists, social entrepreneurs, and even a buddhist lama who was present (truly present, by the way) throughout the week. "Wisdom is clarity of mind in tune with one´s heart and aware of one's role and responsibility in life. It has several components: Knowledge, experience, insights taken from the prior two, followed by aligned, coherent decisions and actions. All based on an inner compass that takes into consideration one's own path and needs as well as those of others. It is an inner stillness that has an intricate knowing of our interconnectedness, and that allows a deep understanding of one's inner system as well as an ease to view life from an eagle´s and a system´s perspective" Wondering what your take is on this? P.S. Writing from the airport by the way - off to my Wisdom Quest in South & Central America. #mexico , #brazil , #guatemala , #colombia. Happy to connect with "Wisdom Keepers" and #impactinvestors there. Mexico Brazil Saint Kitts Colombia

  • Charta | Wisdom Age Foundation

    CHARTER & ROADMAP The current focus is on fixing individual issues such as poverty, gender inequality, climate change, etc. All important problems - however, we believe that they will not be truly solved without a deep shift in our culture and systems - as it's them who cause and perpetuate these problems. We have hence brainstormed, analyzed, and discussed to identify 6 leverage points that we see as key milestones on a roadmap towards an Age of Wisdom . We present these points to you in the form of a Charter and invite you to discuss them in our Wisdom Chamber on Linkedin . The Charter serves as our framework to choose projects we work with and is meant to be converted from sentences into action, from a written roadmap to a lived reality - one that is co-created for the wellbeing of people and the planet . The Age of Wisdom emerges from the here & now. Through everyone of us. The Wisdom Age Charter Path of Wisdom Paradigm & Culture Shift Inner Transfor mation UNITY I. We embrace that we are an interdependent part of nature and that everything is connected. What we do to natural elements, to others, humans and other-than-humans, we ultimately do to ourselves. Join us I I. We learn about our home, the natural world, and dive deep into timeless wisdom. So that we may survive and thrive. By becoming stewards of the land and guardians of life. Join our gatherings TIMELESS WISDOM FRACTALITY III. We take up a holistic perspective and learn to think, decide and act in systems. By bringing together ancient, indigenous and scientific knowledge, we build the base to redesign our systems, wisely apply financial means and technology. See our courses IV. Starting from within, we adopt a lifestyle of “elegant simplicity”. We reconnect to our innate wisdom, find joy from within, heal the past and walk the talk of a new culture. See our courses ELEGANT SIMPLICITY Path of Action Conscious Action & Collaboration Systemic Change WISE REDESIGN V. We redesign our economic and financial systems . We redefine the current definition of success, and shift from focusing on quantitative, monetary and endless growth to an approach and rules where the economy, business and the allocation of our time, money and talents is geared to serve the wellbeing of all life Join the Wisdom Chamber VI. We also question the underlying assumptions and mechanisms of other essential systems such as education, health, justice, pensions and governance. We co-create, invest in and implement new versions that embrace a holistic approach, foster consciousness, incentivise stewardship and favour holacratic decision making. Come to our salons COCREATION LOCAL ACTION VII. We join hands as an Alliance for concrete action, local positive impact, and a global change of systems TEXT Join us It starts with an inner paradigm & culture shift and shows up in aligned, joint action for impact and systemic change. We consciously evolve, for the wellbeing of people & planet ​ WE TRULY EMBODY BEING HOMO SAPIENS - WISE BEINGS "We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them." - Einstein -

  • Terms and Conditions | Wisdom Age Foundation

    Booking Terms & Conditions A. Conditions for payment ​ Due to limited availability on each retreat, full payment needs to be made within 3 days after our confirmation and the invoice has been emailed to you to secure your reservation. If not settled by then, your held space will be released. Payments are accepted via International Bank Transfer in EUR. Please note that overseas bank transfers and credit card payments may attract additional international transaction fees that are not included in the retreat package price. You are responsible to pay all banking fees, so that the full payment amount of your retreat and transformation journey is received. Payments need to be made to Global Impact Alliance e.V. BIC: GENODEM1GLS IBAN: DE63 4306 0967 1105 9964 0 B. Cancellation policies You may cancel your booking to attend the retreat at any time by emailing us at . In case of cancellation, your deposit might be partially or fully non-refundable, regardless of the reason for your cancellation. There is however an option to transfer your deposit to another upcoming Wisdom Age Gathering. This reflects our costs and expenditure in holding your booking and our costs in hiring venues, ordering catering, refreshments and other elements of the retreat experience for which costs are incurred up front. Should we or you be able to fill your canceled place with a suitable participant, we may in our discretion repay a portion or the full amount of any deposit payment made by you. However, we are under no obligation to find a replacement participant to attend the retreat. 3. Cancellations made 30 days before arrival will be processed without a cancellation fee. Please be advised that cancellations will be subject to a payment as follows: until 30 days prior to event: 50% of the total price (equal to deposit) can be transferred to another upcoming Wisdom Age Gathering, the rest will be refunded. 30-16 days prior to event: 50% of the total price (equal to deposit) can be transferred to another upcoming Wisdom Age Gathering, 40% will be refunded. 15-1 days prior to event: 100% of the total price (equal to deposit) can be transferred to another upcoming Wisdom Age Gathering, 10% will be refunded. ​ 4. There may be circumstances beyond our possibilities that lead to the retreat to be canceled or postponed. Wisdom Ae Foundation / Global Impact Alliance is not responsible for your expenses incurred in preparation for any canceled retreat, such as airline tickets, loss of work, and/or other costs involved in preparing for your trip. If the retreat is postponed, you will be offered the opportunity to continue with your attendance on the rearranged date and will be informed of any other changes or costs arising at that time before you confirm your wish to continue your attendance. Should you not wish to attend on the rearranged date, you will be refunded all payments you have made less € 50 to reflect our administrative costs and expenses. If the retreat is canceled, you will be notified as soon as possible and refunded all payments you have made towards the retreat, less € 50 to reflect our administrative costs and expenses. C. Exclusion of liability Wisdom Age Foundation is currently in the process of being registered in the Netherlands. In the meanwhile, it´s parent organization Global Impact Alliance which is a non-profit organization registered in Berlin / Germany, is taking care of administrative matters for the Wisdom Age Gatherings. The team of the Wisdom Age Foundation facilitates the retreat stay and the accompanying transformative journey to the best of their knowledge and ability, in all conscience and in compliance with applicable law and regulations. I do not hold Wisdom Age Foundation / Global Impact Alliance or the facilitators responsible or liable for any expectation that might not be fulfilled or for anything unexpected that might happen, in terms of the program and accommodation, activities and experiences, and networking with other participants. I confirm that Wisdom Age Foundation / Global Impact Alliance and the facilitators are exempt from any liability for the physical and mental well-being or any loss however caused for the participants or the group. Liability is excluded for events during transportation and travel to the retreat, as well as during the whole time of the retreat stay and during the accompanying transformative journey, especially, from the following risks: Physical, emotional or mental harm Damages or loss of property Injuries and medical expenses Legal defense and decision ​

  • Huni Kuin | Wisdom Age Foundation

    21-24 August 2023 + Immersive Dialogue & Ritual + Somerset, UK WISDOM AGE GATHERING Transformative Retreat with the Huni Kuin women from the Amazonian Rainforest. Diving into new Perspectives. Immersing in Nature and Ritual. ​ ​ Deep Encounter with the Wisdom of Indigenous Culture, Ritual & Nature. 21-24 August 2023, Magical 42 Acres Regenerative Estate, Somerset, UK ​ Experiencing wisdom & deepening leadership capacity, close to the elements that make all life. Join us in August for this unique opportunity to engage directly with the remarkable Huni Kuin, an indigenous tribe protecting the Amazonian rainforest. In these 4 days, learn from their wisdom, vibrant traditions and deep connection to nature. Be inspired and change how you see yourself and the world awakening an ever deeper connection within, and inviting all-inclusive solutions to thrive in unity and harmony with all of our relations on this planet. Together we join forces in these times of great change, to plant seeds for the next seven generations to come. We will guide you on an inspirational journey at the magical and sustainable 42 Acres Estate. You will h ave the privilege to immerse in traditional rituals within a pristine and still preserved nature landscape in England. Engaging in transformative dialogue, we will sense into the challenges and ask what Nature needs and how we need to define a regenerative future? You will have time to recover and decompress, as well as gain new inspiration and strength for your leadership challenges. For leaders and impact investors who share a passion for fostering positive change and cultural preservation, this retreat seeks to give a voice to the Huni Kuin and help them preserve their culture and their home – the rainforest. Enjoy a small group setting with maximum 20 people. More details THE HUNI KUIN "The Genuine People" RETREAT PROGRAM The program is based on four key elements Immersing in Nature How can we take stew ardship for pre serving and regenerating such rare places of wild nature? ​ We will explore lush green landscapes, embark on guided nature walks, and experience the serenity that only nature can provide. This immersion will help us reconnect with our inner nature and gain fresh perspectives on pressing questions. 1 2 Cultural Exchange Whic h thread do you bring to the gathering? ​ The Huni Kuin women will allow us insights into their ancient traditions, spiritual rituals, and sustainable way of life. By sharing stories, dances, and music, we will deepen our understanding of their rich cultural heritage and strengthen our appreciation for the interconnectedness of all life. We wish to weave together multiple threads for co-creating projects for a liveable future. Dialogue & Process Work What is essential in your life? ​ Engaging in open dialogues with the Huni Kuin women and fellow participants, we will explore the pressing issues of our time, such as environmental conservation, indigenous rights, and conscious social impact i nvesting. Immersive experiences will inspire insights into how these aspects are interconnected and reveal approaches to address these challenges. 3 4 Ceremony & Ritual How can y ou bring meaningful rituals into your personal and professional life? ​ Together, we will partake in traditional ceremonies and rituals, carefully crafted by the Huni Kuin women to honour the natural world, promote healing, and foster spiritual growth. These sacred practices will provide us with a profound sense of unity and connectedness to the Earth and each other. Exemplary Retreat Day While we are keeping the detailed itinerary a bit of a mystery and might be adapted to the groups needs and dynamics with the Huni Kuin. We can share some exemplary daily activities. ​ - Body painting with sacred patterns and traditional songs - R apé Circle with sacred plant smudge from the forest - Sananga Zeremonie - Herbal Bath with traditional songs - sharing circles about the culture and traditions - Circle of stories and fairytales - Dance of the Mariri (mariri = all the plants that nutrits us) - Dance of the Jiboia ​ You would be asked to arrive on Monday, 21st of August, latest at 16:00. The program begins at 17:00 that day. The retreat concludes with closing ceremony on Thursday, 24th August 2023. We finish at 15:00. 07:00 Morning meditation & music 09:00 Breakfast 10:30 Immersive dialogue 11:45 Coffee break 12:00 Immersive dialogue continued 13:00 Lunch 15:00 Nature / Ritual / Ceremony 15:45 Tea break 16:00 Nature / Ritual / Ceremony continued 18:00 Time for reflection and integration 19:00 Dinner 20:30 Storytelling circle / Sauna 22:00 Bed Online Preparation & Integration In addition to the in person gathering in Somerset, UK, there will be four optional zoom based group calls every second week to support the preparation of a strong container before and a smooth integration after the gathering. You will be invited to join fellow conscious leaders to exchange on timeless wisdom, challenges, learnings and practices. On four Tuesdays, 8 - 9.15pm (CET) for 75 minutes : 01/08/23 Opening . 15/08/23 Preparation . 05/09/23 Integration . 19/09/23 Closing & Celebration Apply for retreat ENVISION. EMBODY. EMBRACE. EXPAND . What our wonderful participants are saying "Last year I was honoured to be invited to the first Indigenous Wisdom Gathering on Eskaret Island, and in my own life this has now led to some highly significant ongoing connections. It is an extraordinary privilege to be in the company of elders who are carrying forward ancestral wisdom relating to the interconnectedness and interwovenness of life, and particularly so if they come from cultures that are living examples of reciprocity and mutuality. It is also a real joy to spend time with other leaders and change-agents who are committed to systems change. It requires from all of us the courage and humility of letting go of everything that we thought we knew and to drop into the powerful emergent space of deep listening. I was humbled to be a part of this initial very powerful gathering and fully recommend any future events to others." Wendy Ellyatt "Rituals are the formulas by which harmony is restored." Terry Tempest Williams Your guides on this journey The retreat will be hosted by Dana, Ada and Flora from the Wisdom Age Foundation in cooperation with The HuniKuin Connection . We love to create unique and transformative experiences - facilitating personal and collective growth. We are all committed to focus our energy on ideas and initiatives that can help shape a truly life-centered economy guided by ancient wisdom traditions. In short, we dream bigger—about business and society. Will you be joining? Facilitator Andrea (Ada) Friedrich Host Dana Ulrike Glatz Facilitator Flora Tram Hodac Experience 42 Acres Anchor 1 Your invest ​ The Farmhouse and cottages have beautiful individually designed rooms plus a group room, ceremonial yurt and wild swim lake in 5 minute walking distance from the farmhouse. Please decide whether you would like to have a room for your own or share a room with someone else. In the farmhouse and cottages you find a lot of places to retreat during the day so that there is enough room for everyone. ​ Date: August 21st - August 24th 2023 Location: 42Acres ​ Registration fee for the retreat is €2,080 EUR per person * and includes: ​ 4 Days, 3 nights of of life-altering, first-hand intimate experience with the Huni Kuin Wisdom Keepers and community, and immersive dialogue & ritual Transformative journey & group activities with trained Systemic Facilitators Beautiful accommodations at an exquisite Regenerative Estate, Nature Reserve & Wellbeing Retreat Centre in UK. Read more about that splendid location here: 42 Acres Estate All delicious, healthy, lovingly-prepared organic meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee, tea & snacks) Additional zoom based group calls, 4 x 1.5 hours for preparation and integration ​ * Terms & Conditions Upon registration, you will have the option for a trust-based sliding scale and different choices of accommodation. Additional monetary contributions will be used for donations to support projects of the Woman’s association of the Huni Kuin. All participants are responsible for their travel expenses to and from the retreat location. Arrival is on the 21st August 2023 until 4:00pm and departure on the 24th August 2023 at 03:00pm. Once you confirm your participation, we will provide detailed assistance to ensure a smooth journey and a comfortable stay. Please read our standard terms and conditions for participating in the Wisdom Age Gathering. Apply for the retreat ​ We appreciate your sitting with this invitation, to see if it feels right for you to attend. Please fill out the application as soon as you are ready and approach us with any any questions you might have! We look forward to all that will unfold and amaze us! Your team of Wisdom Age Foundation We thank our partners

  • Lab | Wisdom Age Foundation

    WISDOM LAB A new era needs new approaches of evaluating things, new laws, processes, systems, business and cooperation models, materials and first and foremost: A different mindset . One that is not simply looking for “the next new thing” to buy, invest or promote but one that is discerning, looking for the motivation behind the “new”. Is it serving people & planet? Is it thought through holistically? Is it a band-aid or a cure, a quick fix or a systemically suiting solution? Developing these innovations and new approaches takes courage, time, funding and a supportive environment. As these are not catering to the current logic, the mainstream market demand and they are not the “low hanging fruit” kind of projects. We develop these type of projects in-house and support others (see pioneers ) who dare to do the same with the objective in mind to lay the cornerstones of an Age of Wisdom. ​ Two Wisdom Age Projects are currently under development: The Wisdom Age Index & the Ecological Offsetting Program . Reach out to us to collaborate, role out a pilot with us or co-fund our endeavours. Our current Wisdom Lab projects WISDOM AGE INDEX Reach out to us WAI Our current approach of dealing with problems is to find a quick fix - for this, we identify the apparent culprit (e.g. CO2), gather data about it and focus on finding ways to eradicate it. Indeed it is important to reduce the emission of CO2, however what we fail to do is to take a step back. To see the big picture . CO2 is only one component in our cycle of life and our negative impact on our ecosystem is much larger and multifold - reducing emissions is only one step. Doing this will not be sufficient to maintain climatic conditions on earth that allow our and other species to survive and thrive. To ask ourselves what we actually want . Nobody's deep desire is to reduce CO2. We all want an enhancement of our quality of life. How can we do this in harmony with nature, respecting the boundaries of our planet and the dignity of all beings? To adopt a holistic view and systemic thinking approach to assess the status quo and identify the understanding, culture, systems, collaborations and solutions needed to not only find a fix for a certain problem, such as too much CO2 emissions, but to shift to a truly integrative mode of being. With the Wisdom Age Index we have developed a compass to holistically assess companies, startups and investment projects - as a baseline for a continuous improvement journey to an Age of Wisdom . A compass The WAI is a compass showing the way for companies, startups, and investment projects that wish to positively contribute to protecting our planetary boundaries and to create life quality for all. ​ The first step of the WAI process is to assess the current holistic value the company, startup, or investment project is having for people & planet. Based on this assessment, a systemic development plan is elaborated and implemented step by step with the support of the c-level and throughout the whole company. The WAI is not a rating system, but a journey of continuous, holistic, and step-wise evolution of a company, startup, or investment project towards being a symbiotic, useful entity embedded in its environmental and societal ecosystem. The approach The WAI is based on conscious ecology. Conscious ecology understands that all forms of life have a function performed in their ecosystems, and respect all existing forms and their contained sacredness. It was based on deep ecology and improved using ancient knowledge. The WAI is based on the insight that our benchmark cannot be a "best in class" approach - which means it is not about being "more sustainable" than other companies in the same industry or about fulfilling legal requirements. It is about adhering to and learning from the laws and processes of nature and holistically preparing one's company, startup, or investment project for a new era - integrating the culture and behavior needed to be attractive to investors, employees, and customers, to be systemically sustainable and resilient. ​ To do this, the WAI uses the understanding that we are all living organisms within an ecosystem, applying this principle including the organization in analysis. The WAI focuses on 4 aspects: Leadership - How is the brain and culture of the organism? Eco-Action - What is the relationship between the organism and the natural ecosystem? Building the New - What is the prediction and innovation capacity of the organism? Unity - What is the status of the organism's homeostasis and how are the organism's relationships with its social ecosystem? ECOLOGICAL OFFSETTING PROGRAM Reach out to us Offsetting

  • Global Imapct Alliance | Wisdom Age Foundation

    CONSCIOUS ACTION FOR AN AGE OF WISDOM HOW TO JOIN? WE ARE THE ACTION PART OF THE WISDOM AGE FOUNDATION All of our members are dedicated to doing the inner work needed to deepen their level of consciousness, shift their perspective from an anthropocentric to an eco-centric worldview and are actively pursuing collaboration - as we need this as a foundation for the deeper societal & economic shift we are pursuing. Furthermore, they are all contributing to humanity shifting into an Age of Wisdom by funding holistically thought through impact ventures or running their own system changing project. ​ Some of them are on their wisdom journey as organisations, based on our wisdom age index assessment. Join the Alliance how to join Collective wisdom & conscious action We look forward to co-creating an Age of Wisdom with you

  • Path of Wisdom | Wisdom Age Foundation

    Path of Wisdom Inner Growth & Understanding Reach out to us See. Understand. Thrive. The only way out is in. Finding a way out of our current crisis mode and into a place of calm, clarity and deeper knowing is key for our individual mental health, as well as the health and stability of our societies and the ecosystem. The scary thing is that for this we need to go within - into the eye of the storm . We need to be with what we tend to avoid: Our inner world, wild nature and the unlearning of our way of being, thinking and doing things. Transforming our systems requires an inner transformation, a shift in worldview, perspectives and long trained habits. Entering into an Age of Wisdom means shaping a new culture , from within. Within individuals and organisations. Walking the path of wisdom is courageous, but very rewarding. And it means leading the way to a new era , and being at the cutting edge of human evolution: The expansion of our consciousness . As a base for the reconnection to our inner knowing and natural wisdom. Wisdom Academy Enter the Academy System Thinking, Ecology Essentials & daily Wisdom Practice for Conscious Citizens, Business Leaders & Investors Wisdom Gatherings Seeing the world & ourselves through the eyes of indigenous wisdom Read about Gatherings Wisdom Salons Local gatherings around wisdom topics with wise beings Explore Salons "Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it." Albert Einstein

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    Disclaimer of warranty Liability for contents The contents of our page were created with great care. But we cannot take any responsibility for accuracy, completeness, or timeliness. As a service provider we are responsible according to § 7 Passage 1 TMG for our contents on that page in accordance with the general laws. According to §§ 8 until 10 TMG we as a service providers are not responsible to monitor transmitted or stored external information or investigate circumstances that indicate illegal activity. Obligations to remove or block the use of information under general laws remain unaffected. A relevant liability is only possible from the date of knowing any specific infringement. Upon notification of such violations, we will immediately remove these contents. Liability for links Our site contains links to external websites over which we have no influence. Therefore we cannot accept any liability for this external content. The respective provider or operator of such sites is always responsible for any content of these linked sites. The linked websites were checked at the time of connecting for possible legal violations. There were no legal violations apparent at the time of linking the website. A permanent control of the linked websites is unreasonable without concrete evidence of a violation. Upon notification of such violations, we will immediately remove these links from our website.

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