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Path of Action

Shaping the Age of Wisdom

Shaping the Age of Wisdom

From quick fixes to conscious creation

Everything we create, we imagine first. Everything we do, we either think it first and consciously decide to go for it or we act out of impulse, habit, instinct. These impulses, habits and instincts are old, based on our past experiences and ultimately driven by our survival instinct and the seeking to avoid pain and gain instant pleasure. 


Conscious action is action based on a conscious decision after having thought it through holistically, the effects now and generations to come, the impact on the immediate surrounding and its stakeholders, as well as on the wider ecosystem. It is action based not only on our brain´s knowledge but also aligned with our innate wisdom and the laws of nature. Conscious action means to act with a systems view, to see the fractal nature and interdependencies of all beings and elements and adapting as and when the system changes. Conscious action is mimicking nature and creating anew moment to moment as new properties emerge. It is truly innovative by creating based on an expanded consciousness and by wisely integrating natural laws, asking all senses and involving all stakeholders. Conscious action is not going for quick fixes but for healthy growth, resiliency, and a systemic change that benefits all life


We create, co-create and support conscious action projects that are stepping stones on the path towards an Age of Wisdom.

Image by Ilya Shishikhin

Wisdom Lab

Innovations & new approaches for a new era 


Wisdom Pioneers

Entrepreneurs manifesting the Shift

Circle of Impact

Investing for Impact

“You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do.”

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