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We are the core of GIA

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Dana Ulrike Glatz

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Vision & Partnership

Dana is the Founder of Global Impact Alliance and a weaver of strong partnerships and ecosystems; a bridge between worlds: the investment & spiritual world, management consulting & indigenous wisdom, entrepreneurship & transformation, the world of business & conscious communities. 

As Advisor and Path Finder in the field of impact investing and transformation, she works with impact investors, corporates, and impact entrepreneurs to facilitate the emergence of an Age of Wisdom.


Diego Romeiro

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Strategy & Science

Diego is an agricultural technician and biologist with M.Sc. in Plant Biodiversity and Environment have more than 20 years of experience in forest studies, sustainability, biotechnology, and innovation development focused on circular bio-economy and ecological awareness. Diego has a differentiated holistic view of sustainability, and through systemic thinking integrates different areas related to the study of life - such as systems biology, ecological network, and "omics" sciences.

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Camilla Moura Santos

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Research & Ancestral Knowledge 

Camila is a biologist with an M.Sc. in Plant Biodiversity and Environment and Ph.D. in Plant Biotechnology with a research line in properties of complex molecules. She has more than 10 years of experience with scientific research development and systemic thinking. Adept at ancestral knowledge and Ayurveda medicine she uses a holistic approach to develop her work in sustainability and people's well-being.


Zaenab Hage

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Project management 

Zaenab has evolved as a policy analyst in the field of sustainability and social impacts among different consultancies and advisories. She also has previous experience in the private sector in strategic counselling which gives her a good understanding of the needs for multi stakeholder collaboration to solve the main challenges faced by humanity. She is passionate about nature and wants to dedicate all her time and energy to protect the ecosystems that sustain humankind and wishes to bring forward a change of mindset in the world.

We support GIA as experts

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Flora Tram Hodac


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Pascal Tsachouridis


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Tamas Pocze


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Andrea Friedrich


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Martina Epple


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