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Cocreate with us the next era
for humanity & our planet

The Age of Wisdom

Wisdom & Action 
 for a new era

We have grown exponentially in number of people, available data, investable capital, and powerful technology. But also in inequity, interdependency, social instability, and avoidable health issues. Furthermore, we have become masters in destroying our natural habitat: The ecosystem of this planet. 
As a species, we call ourselves “Homo sapiens” - however, so far we have not yet proven to be the “wise beings” we ought to be, we can be. We built scarcity and fear-based systems and implemented an extractive and divisive economic and financial model. We apply technology and capital with the aim of maximum profit instead of the well-being of people and the planet. We have lost touch with the natural world, with our roots and our innate wisdom.
This approach is no longer working, and a new era is dawning. One in which we reconnect to nature, evolve in consciousness and learn to apply ancient wisdom principles as a base for our decisions, actions, and the required redesign of our systems. Shifting into an Age of Wisdom is both, a tremendous opportunity to live our full potential and a necessity for the future of all life on this planet. Therefore, we focus on fostering the emergence of wisdom & conscious action. 


The Path of Wisdom

Reconnecting to our innate wisdom & to the one of indigenous people and nature


The Path of Action

Conscious Action & Collaboration for an Age of Wisdom

Our Wisdom Age Charter 

Inner Transformation

  1. We embrace the fact that we are an interdependent part of nature and that everything is connected.What we do to natural elements, to others, humans and other-than-humans, we ultimately do to ourselves.

  2. We learn about our home, the natural world, and dive deep into timeless wisdom. So that we may survive and thrive. By becoming stewards of the land and guardians of life.

  3. We take up a holistic perspective and learn to think, decide and act in systems. By bringing together ancient, indigenous and scientific knowledge, we build the base to redesign our systems, wisely apply financial means and technology.

  4. Starting from within, we adopt a lifestyle of “elegant simplicity”. We reconnect to our innate wisdom, find joy from within, heal the past and walk the talk of a new culture.




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The Age of Wisdom emerges from the here & now. Through everyone of us.
It starts with an inner paradigm & culture shift and shows up in aligned, joint action for impact and systemic change.
We consciously evolve, for the wellbeing of people & planet.


Systemic Change

  1. We redesign our economic and financial systems. We redefine the current definition of success, and shift from focusing on quantitative, monetary and endless growth to an approach and rules where the economy, business and the allocation of our time, money and talents is geared to serve the wellbeing of all life.

  2. We also question the underlying assumptions and mechanisms of other essential systems such as education, health, justice, pensions and governance. We co-create, invest in and implement new versions that embrace a holistic approach, foster consciousness, incentivise stewardship and favour holacratic decision making.

  3. We join hands as an Alliance for concrete action, local positive impact, and a global change of systems.



Becoming a GIA member
Who, why, what & how - together we can make the shift



  • Are you a conscious citizen, home to this planet, feeling a YES when reading our Charter?

  • Are you a conscious organisation - being on the path of embodying wisdom & conscious action?


  • Do you want to actively contribute to an Age of Wisdom?

  • Are you open to join hands with others & co-create for impact and systemic change?

  • Are you ready to look within and create from a place of wisdom?


  • Are you pursuing an idea, a project, investments, a job, startup or a non-profit activity aiming to have a positive impact in the world?

  • Or would you like to get active in this field or support others who are? 

Featured members 
 Conscious minds on their path of wisdom & conscious action

The Alliance only exists due to our members. The Age of Wisdom is co-created by them, in their daily and professional lives - by being present, doing the inner work and implementing wisdom into action. Through investments, facilitating workshops, birthing projects, advising entrepreneurs, running NGOs, prototyping new ways of doing things etc. - all of them having an Age of Wisdom in mind that serves all life. 

We feature some of our members, alternating with others every 4 weeks, to draw attention to the incredible individuals who are walking the path of wisdom and action with us. 

Our Advisors 
 Supporting us with their wisdom & experience

Co-Author of "The Nordic Secret" 

Founder of the Ekskäret Foundation

Initiator of the Inner Development Goals

Speaker & Activist

Editor Emeritus of
the Resurgence & Ecology Magazine

Founder of the Schumacher College

Entrepreneurial Impact Investor

Founder & CEO of Jäderberg & Cie

Impact Rebel

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