SDG Solutions

SDG Solutions

Impactful & Scalable

Protecting our planet and ensuring the human species not only survives but thrives, is our objective. 

We hence identify and incubate impactful projects for our most pressing issues through our mentorship, training, advise and access to funding programs. 

We promote selected projects of high impact and facilitate the multiplication of proven models to other regions with similar needs. 

Together, we can achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


Our Criteria

The project’s we are interested in and willing to support fulfill all of the following criteria:

  • solve one or more of our most pressing issues.

  • contribute towards one or more of the SDGs.

  • have a sustainable business model.

  • have the potential to scale.

  • are led by conscious entrepreneurs.

Types of projects

We support solutions delivered through the following entities:

  • Multi-Stakeholder Projects

  • For-Profit Companies

  • Non-Profit Organizations

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Lighthouse Projects

Stopping illegal sand mining 

Country: India

Scope: Global

Type: For Profit

Stage: Startup ("Pioneer”)

Indian villages as bio fuel producers

Country: India

Scope: Asia

Type: For Profit

Stage: Pre-Startup ("Explorer”)

Solving the waste issue

Country: Nigeria

Scope: Other Developing Countries

Type: For Profit

Stage: Scaling (“Champion”)

Every additional tree counts

Country: Philippines

Scope: ASEAN

Type: For Profit

Stage: Startup (“Pioneer”)

Empowering youth for climate change

Country: Burkina Faso

Scope: Other African countries

Type: Non-Profit

Stage: Pre-Startup (“Explorer”)

Financial literacy for low-income households

Country: United States

Scope: All countries

Type: Non-Profit

Stage: Startup (“Pioneer”)

Literacy as a base for life

Country: India

Scope: South Asia, Africa

Type: Non-Profit

Stage: Scaling (“Champion”)


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