Conscious Shapers

Time is of the essence.
All perspectives, skills and roles are essential.
Let’s create a sustainable future together. 


Impact Entrepreneurs
  • Your core intention is to solve one or more of our most pressing issues?

  • Your project contributes towards one or more of the SDGs?

  • You have a sustainable business model?

  • Your project has the potential to scale?

  • You would like to explore conscious entrepreneurship? 

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  • Connect to fellow impact entrepreneurs, globally for: Inspiration, mutual learning, cooperation and networking

  • Support on your Conscious
    Entrepreneurship Journey

  • Expert Webinars

  • Training

  • Mentorship

  • Advice 

  • Access to Funding

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impact Entrepreneurs

“The Global Impact Alliance is a place to meet brilliant minds and develop new skills. And it has been a source of inspiration and motivation to me - to never give up.”​


Vladimire Mahah

Founder “Environmental Education for Sustainable Development”, Ouagadougou - Burkina Faso



Impact investors
  • You are looking for impact projects with potential to scale? 

  • You are committed to supporting the SDGs?

  • You believe in entrepreneurial minds getting to work for the greater good?

  • You would like to be part of a sustainable economic system?

  • You are interested in using your investments to influence our future? 

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  • Connect to fellow impact investors for: Inspiration, exchange of experience, co-Investing and new perspectives and trends

  • Possibility to donate to entrepreneurial and impactful non-profits

  • Become a patron for aspiring impact entrepreneurs 

  • Deep dive into your purpose journey through impact investing

  • In-depths profiles of potential investees based on your investment focus

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Impact Investors

“Running and scaling a company whose mission is to create social impact while sustaining financial vitality is challenging. We invest and support those ventures and are happy to collaborate with The Impact Alliance. ”​


Leah Zveglich

Founder & Managing Partner Aster Family Club - New York City, USA


Conscious Citizens

supporters of impact
  • Feel like sharing your knowledge in a meaningful manner?

  • Do you have subject matter expertise to share?

  • Curious to experience an entrepreneurial journey from a mentor’s perspective?

  • Is it important to you to learn about business in emerging and developing markets?

  • Would you like to be active in the context of the SDGs?

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  • Connect exciting and inspiring impact projects looking for your support as a mentor or advisor

  • Introduction course on mentoring 

  • Certificate 

  • Internships

  • Job placement with social impact organizations

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Conscious Citizens

“Consciously directing our mind & heart energy towards creating collaborative solutions to address critical social & environmental challenges will be a major step forward in evolving the world of business.”​


Steve Havill

President, Conscious Capitalism Bay Area Chapter - San Francisco, USA